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Stopovers Serviced Apartments, Bangalore


About Us - Stopovers Service Apartments.

Stopovers Serviced Apartments, a leading service apartment company in Bangalore with six locations, was founded in the year 2007, with a vision to give clients, exactly what they need, without any annoying fluff. So who needs accommodation for short stay, long stay and even a day’s stay at Bangalore? Login - Book - Go. That’s what we’re about - Making living simple on the move.


Vision and Mission

Simple: Simplicity is a key at Stopovers. If we’re not the easiest place to search and book your apartment, feel free to give us a piece of your mind.

Comprehensive: Part of making travel simple is presenting you with all the options for your trip, so that you don’t have to look outside for anything. We’re working closely with suppliers to become a one stop shop for all your travel needs, stay, and vacation planning.

Reliable: Making travel stay simple implies making a travel site that just works and works. We still face occasional hiccups, but being there for you, online and offline, with cent percent reliability, is very important to us.

Responsible: We take complete responsibility for what we give you. You won’t hear us making excuses for availability or prices. If we offer you a price, we will honour it, come what may.