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Farm House Bangalore

Farm House

If you're looking for a weekend get away from Bangalore, just for about a day or two, then this is the best bet! An English style Farm house in Bangalore, Off Mysore Road just 28 kms from Bangalore City centre…but miles away from the monotony of the city. This Farm house in Bangalore offers a splendid option for family / friends to get away and truly experience the country side, much unexplored as yet. Bharath farms offers various options as to how one would want to spend their weekend - either exploring the country side or indulging in outdoor sports or just rejuvenating from the busy week. Try this Farmhouse in Bangalore and you will see yourself coming back again!


 Package  Recommond Occupancy Max Occupancy Tariff *
 2 Bed Room Cottage with 15 acer farm  4 - 6 8

table 8000

 * Tariff starts from


Must Do's

treeRefreshing tender coconuts just as soon you arrive…
A pleasant walk around the 12 acre landscaped garden…tree
treeIndulge in outdoor games and discover your sport appetite…
Feast your taste buds on our scrumptious farm lunch…tree
treeLaze around the lawn or read your favorite book on a hammock…
Learn some gardening from our specialist farmer…tree
treeGet on the bullock cart….a ride you won't forget!
Have fun picking fruits and tender vegetablestree
treeCuddle up near the bonfire and let your vocals break free…
Enjoy candle lit dinner…country ishtyle!tree
treeEnjoy the star lit night and sleep tight in our English style cottage
....but ensure to get up early to witness one great sunrise.


 In The Farm House
 English Style Cottage with 2 rooms and bath
 Covered Car Parking Space
 Coconut & Fruit Orchard - depends on season
 Amphi Theatre
 Bullock Cart Rides
         • Badminton
        • Basket Ball
         • Volley Ball
         • Board Games
 Bon Fire
 Mini Pond
 In The Cottage
 2 Bed Rooms with Double Beds
 Bus Station
 Spacious Wardrobes
 Attached Bathroom
 Fully Equipped Kitchen - Fridge, LPG Gas, Crockery & Cutlery
 Spacious Living & Dining Area
 3 sides spacious portico -
                                Ideal to spend time in the evenings, board games
 House Keeping
 Room service
 Complimentary Breakfast - Continental
 Lunch & Dinner - North / South Indian - Extra charged


Attractions around the Farm House

Big Banyan Tree

Distance - 2 Kms



Big Banyan tree (Ficus Benghalensis), is a 400-year-old tree that seems to have reached the end of its life span is one of the largest banyan tree in India. With thousands of such roots spread out, the tree covers an area of three acres. The entire tree is fenced and one can walk alongside the labyrinth of roots, which create a cool, shady environment. It is believed that the tree is symbolic of the trinity with the roots representing Brahma, the stems and the bark representing Vishnu and the branches symbolising Maheshwara. There is also a Shiva temple in in the enclosure. The big banyan tree has been a popular jaunt for quite some time and is a favourite site for several film shootings.

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Distance - 5 Kms


Savandurga is a trekkers delight. It is a huge monolith standing 1226m above the sea level. It is near Bharath Farms and the remains of the fort built by Kempegowda can be found atop the rock. There are two rock hills named Karigudda and Biligudda with a pond near by. From the top the Akravati river can be seen. The hill directly behind the lake is easily trekkable and has a perennial lotus pond in it.

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Manchinbale Dam

Distance - 2 Kms


Manchinbale Dam is a magnificient reservoir, with spectacular views this Dam is build for the irrigation purpose, now it also provide water to the Magadi Town, this Dam is build across the river Arkavathi, the land which covered for irrigation under this project is called "Thore saalu" because all the villages comes on the two sides of river arkavathi, in kannada "thore" means river and "saalu" means line. This place is good for your week end refreshment, also a well known film shooting place. Please avoid swimming in the back water, Just enjoy the nature.

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Wonder la

Distance - 10 Kms


Wonder la is an excellent water creation which is located on the Bangalore mysore highway close to Bharath Farms. The amusement park provides unlimited fun for the entire family. The park has laser shows, high thrill rides, water slides, wave pools, musical fountains, lavish parking area, restaurants and even rest rooms for drivers The major attraction for kids would be the termite train, flying jumbo, lion swing, wonder splash and the sky wheel. Its a perfect place to cast your cares away and unwind totally.

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Innovative Film City

Distance - 15 Kms


Innovative Film City is a new theme park in Bangalore that has new features claimed to be found nowhere else in India. Initially planned as a huge studio for making movies, they have turned this into an entertainment center for everyone. Innovative Film CityFunPlex 4D theater, Haunted Mansion, Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum, Miniature City, Go Karting, Louis Tussaud's Wax Museum. Other attractions here include an Aqua Kingdom where an artificial beach is set up, a mini golf course, a mirror maze the Dragon, a mini Jurassic park enclosure and a Guinness world records museum Dinosaur at the Fossil Museum.

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